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Dionne R. Grant is a jazz singer born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Dionne was first introduced to jazz music by her father. She listened to her father’s extensive jazz collections for decades. During her early years she was deeply influenced by: Ella Fitzgerald, Dionne Warwick (whom she was named after) Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Billy Holiday and Nina Simone – just to name a few. And often tried to sing in the likeness of her mentors.

As a child, teenager and young adult Dionne sang at many venues and was part of many choirs. Always singing mezzo soprano. Although she studied classical music until 18 years of age and graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music, grade 8 with honors. Jazz music was always her first love.

Dionne rested her musical goals for a number of years in order to pursue her academic and career objectives. However, she has now resurfaced with a new found passion and boldness to express creations of jazz music in her own tempo, rhythm and style. Not only is Dionne a jazz singer, but she is also a song writer and music composer.

The release of her debut CD called I Met Him In New York, is collection of her original songs and standard jazz songs, sung in a style created by her own interpretations of jazz music.

Dionne is currently recording her own original music for her second CD. And promises to bring out songs blended with jazz, swing, Afro-Cuban and some gospel jazz music as well.

Dionne R. Grant is also a creative and inspiring author of children’s books and poems. Her debut book called, Secrets Of My Heart: A Collection Of Love Poems will be released Jan 22nd, 2015. This book describes the passionate journey of being in love through a collection of poems in four chapters. In the first two chapters, The Passion and The Desire, the narrator experiences a variety of emotions while being in love. In the third chapter Love’s Conflict, the narrator deals with the challenges of being in love and learns to let go of love. The final chapter, Love’s Final Journey, the narrator discovers and embraces agape love, the way the Creator intended it to be.

All of her gifts and talents are motivated by life’s experiences and her devotion to God. Dionne currently performs her songs and poetry at many events in the community and private engagements. She sings at the Gospel Café located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada every second and third Thursday nights from 7:30 pm to 10 pm.

She may be reached at www.dionnergrant.com dionne.grant@ymail.com, FaceBook: Dionne R. Grant, Twitter: @dionnergrant

Dionne is a Registered nurse with a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts Degree in Education. She is employed at one of the largest nursing schools in Canada.